New Music Tuesday: Songbird

I was so excited to hear this week’s new release that I started it downloading before I got in the shower.  And today as I listened to the latest release from Willie Nelson, I thought of Bob Dylan.  The sound of the album is similar to that of Modern Times.  For all the criticism that Dylan received for his voice quality, Willie Nelson more than makes up for it with his supreme 73 year old voice.  It’s almost like his voice has gotten better over the years.  That twang that he got famous with in the 70s has toned down to a sweet soulful voice.  There’s still plenty country to this record, but it isn’t over the top and it almost gains forgiveness for that horrible duet he did with Toby Keith.  The album is produced by Ryan Adams and you know I’m a fan of his sound.  You can pick up Songbird on iTunes.  Even if you have a prejudice against Willie because of his being a “country music” legend, you will still enjoy this album…and if your idea of good country music is Tim McGraw, you might get a lesson in beauty.

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