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The cliche phrase is “That’s why they play the games.”  I’ve been listening all week to the media, the blogs and people all around me saying that Detroit ought to prepare for riots because whoever came out of the National League didn’t stand a chance.  As a longtime fan of the Cardinals I am a little biased, but I predicted in April that the Cardinals would win the World Series.  No one, and I mean no one could have predicted Detroit still playing in October.  I’m not backing down from my prediction that the Cardinals will win the World Series unless the Tigers win 4 games.  I think the press and America forgot about the weapons that St. Louis has.  Sure they struggled at the end of the season and sure they lost a few pitchers to injury, but the weapons they have are more than enough to win this series.  All the Cinderella cliches that have been used for Detroit can all be dissolved when the clock struck midnight Thursday night when the Cardinals reached the World Series.  The pitching staff of the Cardinals as well as their bats have just as much chance of putting together 4 wins as the Tigers do, so my money is on a team that learned a lot of lessons two years ago and won’t repeat those mistakes.

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  1. Truth be told Matt. I picked St. Louis and Detroit, in April to go to the world series. ( I worked for a baseball software company.) It is on the wall. I am part of that no one you talk about.

    Too bad Detriot lost.

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