Quick Hit

I’ll make this fast.  It feels like I’ve been a bit rushed lately. If you’ve been following along I went to see Bob Dylan play last night in San Francisco.  I will compose a complete review of his performance as well as Kings of Leon who opened.  I’m a little more tired than I was yesterday, which I thought was the bottom of the barrel, so coming home from work tonight and typing up a review sounds like a good relaxing night.  To quickly answer a few emails that were sent with the hopes of being used in a Q & A post; no, I haven’t been watching The Amazing Race (it may have been a one time thing), I haven’t watched Survivor either.  Last spring must have been a rare time for me and the TV.  My fantasy football team that I mentioned at some point is doing very poorly, but I have another team that’s doing much better.  I’ll save a great emailed question for a post tonight…a teaser:  “Who is due for some new music?  Who hasn’t released an album in a long time?”  This one came a while back, but I think it will fit nicely with my review tonight of last night. 

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