Direct TV’s Dream Sunday

If you live in the Bay Area, NFL football is like pay-per-view boxing matches. With the Raiders and the Niners, you’re sure to have their games broadcast. But what happens if they play each other? Well, generally AFC (The Raiders) games are shown on CBS and NFC (Niners) are shown on FOX. CBS is carrying the game this afternoon between Oakland and San Francisco, but the FOX affiliate in the Bay must be under the impression that no one in this market would watch anything else (There’s a little game in Philly that has some intrigue). So, with a 10am (Pacific) game of the Redskins and Giants, Bay Area sports fans will be forced to watch the 49ers and Raiders show us all why they are two of the worst teams in the NFL. I know that a majority of Bay Area households will have their TVs tuned into CBS, but why not just show the feed of the Dallas game? Why throw in the towel? Maybe the A’s game was tentative?

Yes I am aware the Ducks lost, thanks for the email reminders. I’m also aware that despite wanting to remove the loss to the Ducks from their record, the Sooners still lost against Texas officially removing them from their quest for a national championship with a little star next to it.

Update: The script below is at the bottom of the screen while an episode of StarGate SG1 plays.

“KTVU is prohibited from broadcasting the Dallas Cowboys vs. Philadelphia Eagles game due to the NFL rules which pertain to a local home team (49ers) playing at the same time.”

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