Warning: No Spoilers Included

I won’t disclose any information about what happened on this week’s episode of Lost, but I do want to comment on it.  I enjoyed it a lot.  It’s setting up the 6 episode mini season that the producers have been talking about all summer very well.  If you missed any of the summer coverage involving Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindeloff, they clearly said that they created a mini season of 6 episodes that will deal with the problem that we left off with last season (see how vague I can be?).  This mini season will end in November with a mini cliff hanger and then the show will come back in February for 16/17 straight episodes.  This will keep us from having to deal with repeats interwoven with the new episodes.

I saw some discussion about the opening episode, and it seems what people are focusing on more than ever is the amount of advertisements and the lack of resolution.  What does this discussion tell me?  Two things, at least.

1.  People are watching this show on DVD.  I heard several times during last season that people missed the beginning of the season or the beginning of the series and they would not watch it on Wednesdays, but wait for the DVD and catch up all at once.  My experience with Lost involved watching them on my computer(s) and the first episode I watched in sequence on TV was “The Other 48 Days.”  I had gotten used to watching 44 minutes of movie-like action and was a little bit of an adjustment to have the screen go black and instead of picking up again, the screen suddenly tried to sell me a Cadillac. 

2.  People are forgetful and impatient with the story line.  There were lots of questions answered in the finale last season, but there were a lot more questions that came up.  Did these critics believe that the producers of the show would somehow change that ideal and start tying up loose ends without both prolonging the overall arcs and unraveling other mysteries? 

I full well expected to be blown away with the first few minutes and I was.  I fully expected some insight into what happened and I got it.  I fully expected for new questions and mysteries to unfold and I got them.  The time and place to discuss those questions and answers isn’t here at MKinMotion.com because I have a large international readership and as you all full well know, you can’t talk about an episode of Lost with someone who hasn’t seen it yet…

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