7 Pet Peeves About Portable Media (Podcasts)

A preface:

When I say Portable Media, I mean podcasts.  I love podcasts, don’t get me wrong.  I have several that I consider myself a loyal of, but lately there have been some things that have totally been bugging me.  I believe in the medium and I believe that there are millions of valid engaging voices out there to be heard.  That being said, here’s seven.  I could write an in depth post about each of these pet peeves, and I just might at some point.

1.  Adam Curry.

2.  The obsession with episode numbers.

3.  The accepted nomenclature of the community (i.e. show notes, worksafe, etc.)

4.  People who leave voice messages or emails for the hosts that are merely self promotion of their own show (“Hi so-and-so, this is so-and-so from the such-and-such podcast-that-no-one-listens-to.”)

5.  Podsafe music.

6.  “Old Media” passing itself off as hip and cool for having portions of a “real” radio show produced as a podcast.

7.  Apple hype.

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