Do-It-Yourself-Title: File Under Random

I’m still alive, just haven’t been posting.  I haven’t been busier than normal or any other excuse for not posting. 

I planned on spending the evening with some internet celebrities, but I just couldn’t bring myself to make the trip.  Depending on how your browser loads, you might see me towards the top of the RSVP list. 

Speaking of Kevin Rose, a quote about the Zune “Better than the video iPod.” Not bad press for one of the more influential people in a valuable demographic…especially considering there are theories that the Justin Long character in the Mac commercials is based on The Dark Tipper.

KRex, how did I not get on that list of bloggers to test drive the Zune?

I’m trying my luck with IE7, still not iTunes 7, though.

The Cardinals (MLB) have sucked so bad lately that they don’t deserve to make the playoffs, just please don’t let it be the Astros…

Try not to be too shocked, but my Sopranos experience has been limited over the years.  Through different circumstances, I’d only seen seasons 3 and 5.  Thanks to Netflix, I’ve now seen Season 1 in it’s entirety.  I’ve mixed in a few movies in the queue and then Season 2 will start to deliver.

Did you catch U2 on Monday Night Football last night?  C at Scatter o’ Light caught U2 in NYC today.  Bono sounded great despite the huge space.  I have a MNF/Katrina post brewing in me, it may just take some time to steep.

There’s been a lot of great music that has passed through my iPod but I haven’t had a chance to sit down and listen to much on my computer and write about it.  Expect much more.

I get a lot of email at MKinMotion[at]gmail[dot]com (and lots of spam that gmail catches for me) with some great ideas and questions.  I try to answer them, but I’ve been saving some of them for times of blog drought.  So, if you’ve got something…send it my way.

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