Enter to Win, Gordie LaChance, and The Zune

I entered to win tickets to the Austin City Limits festival from just about every group with a contest. Obviously I didn’t win or I would be in Austin right now, but KFOG did send me a consolation prize of the ACL festival CD and DVD from last year. If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know that I already had these, but it still says a lot about a radio station that they would send that out in the mail. Sorry folks, these extra copies have already been given away.

Someone at Apple either reads Wil Wheaton’s blog, paid attention to Digg or was watching the web for chatter about their little problem, because he was contacted by Apple and given all his purchased music at no charge. That’s pretty cool, but I’m still not ready to upgrade my v 6.5. Skin it, man.

I thought I would be looking to buy a new iPod, but after seeing lots of coverage of the Zune, I might look to go that direction. I’ll wait on it, though. As I’ve been using my iPod more than ever without being able to plug it into iTunes, I really with there was more that you could do away from the computer. What would I design a Zune or iPod to do? I’d like to be able to create or edit playlists straight from my iPod. I’d like to download podcasts wirelessly. I think MS is on the right track with sharing songs (they have a three day or three play limit, which I think is brilliant) and the wide screen option of flipping the Zune sideways. I’m not sure of all the functionality of the built in WiFi, but it sounds promising. I’m not sure it makes me reconsider buying movies in portable format, but it’s a bigger screen than I imagined.

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  1. Never heard of the Zune until now, looks pretty sweet. I am still not in the age of iPod either. I’m in the stone age.

  2. some of the blogger reaction to the zune amused me. on stereogum, everone couldn’t wait to bash it. personally i hope hope hope that someone can knock apple off. we need options, people!

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