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There’s been a lot of hype over the last few days about the iTunes Music Store launching it’s movie service.  I have pretty mixed feelings about buying a movie from Apple in this fashion.  Let me clarify.  Would I buy a movie from iTunes?  Probably not.  I don’t have a video iPod (yet) so my only choice would be to watch on my computer.  I already watch 99% of the DVD’s I watch on my computer, so that’s not the issue.  I think the price point for the limitations is one of the main things that would keep me from buying them.  The quality is less than a DVD and there aren’t (in so far as I can tell) the extra features that I enjoy so much about the DVD format.  I think if I had a video iPod and had a plane trip planned, I might buy a couple movies to get me through the travel time, but really I don’t see an advantage over what I already do with Netflix.

On the topic of iTunes, I would recommend not downloading the latest version of iTunes just yet.  I read Wil Wheaton’s blog post this morning about when he loaded iTunes 7.0 on his Mac that it lost all of his purchased music.  Before I read that, I updated iTunes on my laptop and it looks different, but the same.  I didn’t think much of it, but when I plugged my iPod in, all sorts of stuff started to happen that I didn’t want to happen.  Every song/podcast/audio clip that’s in my Music Library on my laptop (which, granted isn’t much because I try not to clog up the hard drive with music) onto my iPod.  As it was doing it, I could see the box checked for not synching and manually updating my iPod.  I’m a bit confused and it’s a big hassle to clear off the useless stuff that came over when I plugged in my iPod.  So like I said, don’t update quite yet.  I’m sure there will be a big enough stink, especially if it takes away people’s purchased music, that a new update will be available shortly.  As for my desktop computer and the home to 120 gigs of iTunes material, it is doing just fine with version

Although I did notice that there is a little bit of upgrade in version 7 dealing with album art.  I don’t think it’s up to the speed of Musicmatch and it’s “supertagging.”  If Apple wanted my advice for an upgrade, that would be it.  Let me put 1 mp3 file into my library, right-click and choose “update track tag” and it would go out and figure out who/what/when/where etc for anonymous track.  I’ve always used the applications separately and Apple would score some points with me if I didn’t have to use Musicmatch.

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  1. I updated and plugged in my iPod today and had smooth sailing. I have a new nano though (just 1 month old) so maybe that helped?

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