Depth of Field

The above picture is Gary Louris and Mark Perlman of Golden Smog at the Fillmore last night from about 5 feet away. The official review will come tonight. What I’m looking for is photo help. I took photography classes in high school and college, shot for the yearbook and occasionally the school paper, but that was a million years ago in photographic years. I have a Kodak DX7440 and have been pretty disappointed with the quality of shots on it. The concepts of photography don’t seem to apply to digital photography. If I were shooting with a 35mm SLR, I would slow the shutter down a bit, open the depth of field and pray that I could keep a steady hand…I’ve tried just about every setting on my camera and have yet to be happy with the results. The photos from the Hothouse Flowers show were unique because I used the flash but with a peice of masking tape over it to keep from blinding the guys. Most venues “discourage” you from using a flash, even if it’s muted, so in most cases that’s not an option. Other than upgrading my camera, does anyone have any advice for me on getting good pictures of highly backlit moving objects in dark venues?

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