Heading in the Right Direction

Looks like Blogger is cleaning out their inbox and fixing some of the quirky things that have been frustrating me, as well as other users, for quite some time now.

The made some changes and have fixed the photo uploading feature in IE.  And I’m now able to edit posts using Firefox.  Both things were buggy for the last few months.  Good job, guys.  Now, lets turn those Beta features on in the real world!

Speaking of Blogger, Katie’s Place has made the move from my arch nemesis LiveSpaces to Blogger.  Head over to her new digs and give her some encouragement.  A wise man once said “Comments are blog currency. The love language of bloggers. Vitamins.”

Do me a favor and ask her how she came up with such a creative name for her new blog.  I’m dying to know where the inspiration came from.

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  1. I am nothing without my creative team. When I when my MTV video award (I plan to sweep Best New Artist, Best Hip Hop Video and Best Female)you are on the top of the list in my speech.

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