New Music Tuesday: The Pro Bowl

If you’re anything of a football fan, you might catch the reference in the title.  It refers to the lackluster excitement that surrounds the NFL Pro-Bowl.  The NBA and MLB have their all-star games in the middle of the season and generally get decent ratings.  The NFL has it’s all star game after the Super Bowl and none of the guys really want to be there or play hard.  I don’t blame either the NFL or the indifferent players.  Nonetheless, after last week’s huge release date, anything released this week will seem a bit like a letdown.  Though, there are still some titles I’m interested in.

The Lemonheads – Become the Enemy (single)

Ben Kweller – Sundress (single)

Keane – Live at ULU (iTunes exclusive)

The Polyphonic Spree – Wait (EP) (iTunes exclusive)

Josh Ritter – Girl in the War (an EP of sorts) (iTunes exclusive)

The Be Good Tanyas – Scattered Leaves (EP)


Of course, the second season of Lost is released on DVD this week…can’t wait for Season 3 to start in October.  I haven’t paid much attention to “The Lost Experience” this summer.  I’m hoping that the producers hold true to the idea that the only things that are canon to the show are the show itself and not their clever marketing campaigns with Jeep and Sprite.  I also hope it doesn’t go the route of the X-Files and focus all of the energy on the Hanso/Dharma conspiracies…yes I do want to know about them, but I’m more interested in about the characters on the island and the seemingly supernatural stuff the island has been involved with.

Be sure to read the comments on the Five Star Music post for an explanation from Reid Davis, Managing Editor of Paste, of how they view the star rating system.  It’s a wonderful magazine and the editors definately have a better eye for what’s cool than Rolling Stone does now.

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