Run Support

When I heard that 81 HR and 221 RBI had jumped a plane from Oakland to Boston yesterday (that’s not counting Wily Mo, who was also on the flight), I knew it was going to be a tough game.  Beckett pitching meant the Sox were going to be in it, but could this AAA lineup score any runs?  The answer is yes and no.  They scored one run, not enough to win.  The Coco Crisp catch was worth the price of admission…maybe not the parking and the fuel 2 nights in a row, but admission.

I wish David Ortiz all the best and encourage him to take his time getting back to the diamond.  Manny, rest that knee a bit.

I sat next to one of the most reasonable Yankee fans I’ve ever met last night.  He made a good point that the Yankees suffered through the injuries early, but held on to contention.  Because of the extent and the timing of the Boston injuries, it’s hard to gain the momentum when you’re pedalling uphill.  I do have to say that Oakland fans aren’t the brightest fans, and violence and throwing stuff onto the field aren’t acceptable ways of showing your support.  Neither is leaving in the 6th inning when you only have a one run lead, I thought I was in LA for a moment.  Even the New Yorker next to me said that the remarks that pour out of the loud drunk Yankee fan in Yankee Stadium hold much more credibility than cursing for

And another memo to Oakland fans: When what you think are boo’s reigning down every time Kevin Youkilis steps to the plate, it’s actually the Red Sox fans saying YOOOUUUUKKKK, so your joining in with boo’s, only makes the Youks sound louder.  

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