No Runs, No Pride, No Erin Andrews

I won’t go into much detail about tonight’s game.  It was horrible.  It didn’t help that Tito Francona marches the Pawtucket Red Sox out against playoff bound Oakland.  What did he expect to happen?  It seemed pretty obvious that they mailed it in.  They ran out of pitchers and so they grabbed a couple of AAA guys to walk out on the mound and get shelled.  Sad though, that Keith Foulke got thrown to the wolves too.  He’s one of several players that used to play for the A’s and left to win a world series…do the names Damon and Dye ring any bells?  Frank Thomas hit his 476th career homerun and Manny (who didn’t play) slipped into the clubhouse not to return.  Tell me if this lineup strikes fear in your heart…

Coco Crisp, Alex Cora, Mark Loretta (didn’t he make the All-Star Team?), Youkilis (hitting cleanup), Erik Hinske, Mike Lowell (totally a class guy tonight), Javy Lopez (don’t you hate it when your favorite team grabs a player you’ve always hated and you’re forced to root for them?  Remember Karl Malone playing in Laker Gold?), Carlos Pena, Dustin Pedroia.  With the ever intimidating Kason Gabbard (yeah, I spelled that right) starting…he walked the first batter on 4 straight balls and Bryan Corey (who I think may have played for every MLB team’s AA team).  Missing from the lineup: Varitek, ManRam, Papi, Nixon, even Wily Mo.  It wasn’t until Foulke took the mound in the 7th that a player who played on the ’04 team made an appearance.

Not to mention, with the Little League WS going on, perfection herself was across the country.

The only think I can take from the game is I saw the Frank Thomas blast and the three sacrificial lambs protected the bullpen for Beckett to turn the series around tomorrow night.  I’ll be in a different seat, but just a couple of sections over from where I was tonight.  Great seats, despite the all out brawl that happened right behind me.  Luckily two of Oakland’s finest stepped down into my section when they saw my Red Sox hat…what happens when an Oakland Athletic’s fan drinks too much?  He becomes a Raider fan and gives a Sox fan a lesson in the tuck rule.

I’ll have a report on tomorrow night’s game as well as a post on the wine tasting I did this weekend.  Very tired…must shut eyes, 6AM is going to come quickly.

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