Post 200 Came and Went Without Fanfare.

After putting 148 posts in a year at my old blog, I switched to MKinMotion in December.  Over the last 8+ months, I’ve managed to pass the 200 post mark.  It seems like I’m blogging less, but maybe that isn’t the case.  I’ve got to tell you, LiveWriter is making it easy to stay on top of things, I’ve even posted a few on my sports blog.  The traffic is insane.  I know from experience that 100% of the time you google (v.) Daily the actual site is the top result, I’m just #2 in most search engines.  I’m flattered by it, but come on people, learn to use your browser.  Has it gotten to the point where we google domains instead of typing them into the browser bar?  It reminds me of the AOL Keyword garbage…go to or AOL keyword  And just for the record, post #200 was recommending you buy Ray LaMontagne’s Trouble.  Might as well pull the trigger on that purchase as a gift for 200 posts.

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