Seven Years and Still a Typo

Today is the 7th anniversary or the 7th birthday of Blogger.  Yes, if your math is like my math, that puts it at August 23, 1999.  Anyone remember what they were doing then?  I’d put my money on none of my visitors blogging that day.  It’s been seven years since this blog post, and there’s still a typo.  Perhaps they’re using Firefox and can’t edit their posts like I can’t…

Also on this day, Osama Bin Laden declared war on the Americas in 1996, Charlie Brown’s sister Sally was introduced in 1959 and falls in love with Linus on the same day a year later, in 1942 the Battle of Stalingrad began, in 1940 Germany starts its bombing campaign of London, slavery was abolished in British Colonies (1833), the UK captured Hong Kong (1839).  Keith Moon (1946), Rick Springfield (1949), Shelley Long (1949), Jay Mohr (1970), Rik Smits (1966), River Phoenix (1970), Kobe Bryant (1978) were born.  William “Braveheart” Wallace (1305), Hoyt Wilhelm (2002) and Bobby Bonds (2003) died.   

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