That Obscure Circe’s Smile Reference

“It comes and it goes…” That’s all I can remember from that song, but you have to be impressed I could come up with that much 12 years later.

What comes and goes? The flow of this thing we call blogging. This is my official warning that I am going to be posting in a rather shotgunish fashion, so to keep up, you’ll have to use that scroll wheel on your mouse and not just read the first post. Here comes a splatter of things that came to mind over the last few days.

Blogger is beta testing a new format. In order to test it out, I had to create a new blog, I’m gonna play with it and see if it truly makes a difference.

I watched Capote and enjoyed it. Made me want to read To Kill a Mockingbird again…or watch the movie.

My aunt (who is one of my most loyal readers) and my mom are on a roadtrip up the west coast. My aunt lives in England and so this is a great opportunity to spend precious time together but also see people and places they haven’t seen for a while. It makes me wish I were following them around with a video camera documenting their interactions with family and friends.

The Mad Fishicist asked me what a podcast is and I although I answered him with a short answer, I intend to spend a little more time explaining it on here in the near future. I’ve been saying for several months that I want to start one, and although I have to a certain extent with The Supply and Demand podcasts, my intention is to go in a slightly different direction once I get my hands on some hardware.

I have a few questions for MK Q&A, but I haven’t taken the time to type them out with responses. If you want to participate send them in via email (mkinmotion[at]gmail[dot]com. I’m getting a kick out of the randomness that you guys have come to use with these questions, it makes me feel that you might actually enjoy it as much as I do. Keep ’em coming.

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