New Music Tuesday: The Road Less Taken

Although there may not be any gigantic new releases this week, I thought I’d take the time to highlight a couple of albums that you won’t regret putting into your collection.

Many of you already own the Garden State soundtrack. It’s a great mix of music and was put together by Zach Braff. Well he’s up to it again with the Last Kiss Soundtrack. Some familiar names will pop up for Garden State Soundtrack fans with Coldplay, Cary Brothers and Imogen Heap this time without Frou Frou. But add Braff friend Joshua Radin to the mix as well as Snow Patrol and Amos Lee and you’ve got a pretty good mix. I had all but one of the songs on the compilation already, so I put them together and they make a fine playlist.

The Gin Blossoms release their first album since the 90’s with Major Lodge Victory. As I’ve mentioned before, get past what your mind tells you about the Gin Blossoms and let your gut remind you that some of their songs are brilliant.

I’m gonna go out on a limb with two more albums. Nina Gordon (who whenever a song comes up in one of my playlists by her, it causes whoever’s in the car to wonder why I’ve got Madonna on my iPod..if only they remembered Verucca Salt) releases Bleeding Heart Graffiti and Todd Snider builds great songs and his new release The Devil You Know promises to show off his craftsmanship.

Also available and worthy in the iTunes Music Store:

Pete Yorn’s new single: For Us
Ray Lamontagne’s new single: Three More Days
Imogen Heap live: iTunes Session

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