The Daily Snooze

With the news coming out of Alaska this weekend about the pipeline shutdown, I thought I would check in with an Alaskan opinion for some perspective. My experience with the Alaskan community and the oil industry led me to believe that it would be a shock to the state. In a world where a rising price of a barrel of crude is a good thing (tracked on the news daily like Doppler). But what do I find as the lead story on the brilliant homepage of the Anchorage Daily News? This puff piece. Nice journalism. The title of this post is what my old neighbor lovingly called the one newspaper in town. It’s not as if I believe it was that funny of a thing to say, but coming from my Yugoslavian neighbor it got added to a list of hilarious isms he spilled out over the years. Maybe someday I’ll post them as a list. Those of you who ever stopped by or stayed or heard stories know some of them were priceless.

On another note, via Netflix I finally watched a few movies. In addition to the previously mentioned Everything is Illuminated, I’ve watched Jarhead, Goodnight and Goodluck, The Motorcycle Diaries, The Weather Man, Shopgirl, Syriana and King Kong…plus a rewatch of Chasing Amy because it’s been rather synchronous lately. I’m enjoying Netflix and I’ve enjoyed the movies. I’ll follow up with some more in depth reviews when I’ve got a little more time. Coming up, the fourth Harry Potter movie, Capote, and Munich. I’ll leave you with a timely quote from Syriana on the status of the world’s oil supply:

“What are they thinking? They’re thinking that it’s running out. It’s running out… and ninety percent of what’s left is in the Middle East. This is a fight to the death.”

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