The Supply and Demand of Home

Perhaps in honor of Kyle MacDonald‘s accomplishment, this edition of Supply and Demand focuses on home. I had to pare down quite a bit, so there are plenty more songs about home out there.

Download the latest edition of Supply and Demand. Right click here and choose save as… and put it where you put your music.

The next edition will be The Supply and Demand of Trains, so get your suggestions in…off the top of his head, TMF came up with 7 for me today, so I know you guys can do it too.

1. Hothouse Flowers – Home.
The first HHF song I ever heard, thanks to TMF. Still one of my favorites.

“Now my spinning head is slowly slowing down, At least my lonely bed is in my favorite town.”

2. Neil Diamond – I Am, I Said.
Yes, Neil Diamond! Huah! How many of us live this dichotomy of where we live and where we feel at home?

“L.A.’s fine, but it ain’t home, New York’s home, but it ain’t mine no more”

3. Keane – Sunshine.
An overlooked track from the Hopes and Fears album.

4. The Elected – The Miles ‘til Home.
The Elected are two members of Rilo Kiley doing their own thing. It’s great stuff, I highly recommend anything they’ve done. They sneak in a little bonus action before the next track kicks in.

5. Matthew Ryan – Come Home.
This song will help you understand that Matthew Ryan can turn up the volume and make it loud. It may still be melancholy, but it rocks nonetheless. I once made one of my famous compilation CDs for a friend with the title coming from this song, but never gave it to them. The title was:

“I was real good at drinking all night, real good at picking a fight”

6. Toots & the Maytals – Take Me Home, Country Roads.
I hope I don’t get sued by Brian Ibbott for putting a cover tune in here. The boys put an island spin to the classic John Denver song.

7. Editors – Let Your Good Heart Lead You Home (UK Track not available from iTunes).
The only reader contributed track this time. I think it’s time for the rest of you to stop lurking and get involved. This was recommended by Viv, who I only know from an occasional comment on If you ever liked alt music in the 80’s you should enjoy Editors.

8. The Alarm – One Step Closer to Home.
The Alarm were at one point in the same conversation as U2 and INXS. What happened you might ask? Well, among other things, they never adjusted at the end of the eighties.

9. The Finn Brothers – Homesick.
This track comes from a KFOG session on iTunes, the Finn boys know how to put their heads together and create a harmony of vocals and songwriting.

10. Ryan Adams – Anyone Wanna Take Me Home?
Like the Matthew Ryan track, this is a louder Ryan Adams than you might be used to, and also like Matthew Ryan, just as melancholy.

11. Blind Faith – Can’t Find My Way Home.
Every compilation CD has to have the token classic rock track (by genre only) on it, doesn’t it?

12. Greg Brown – I Must Be In Oregon. (not available for sale)
I was born and raised in Portland, Oregon, so this song makes complete sense to me. Those of you from Oregon will enjoy it, but try not to take offense, I don’t need to remind you of what the weather was like the last time I was there.

13. Dido – Life For Rent.
Always room for the women here at

14. Josh Kelley – Home to Me.
Josh Kelley is one of the most talented singer songwriters you’ve never heard of. I think I have just about everything he’s ever recorded and it’s great for driving and great for just about anything else.

15. Simon & Garfunkel – Homeward Bound.
There always has to be a sing-a-long song doesn’t there?

16. Whiskeytown – Not Home Anymore.
This might be cheating considering Whiskeytown is Ryan Adams, but it’s a great song.

17. Galaxie 500 – When Will You Come Home?
Doesn’t Galaxie 500 make everything a little more eclectic?

18. Jackie Greene – I’m So Gone.
This song appropriately ends this edition about home with a song about being “so gone, such a long long way from home.” Jackie Greene, the normally mellow singer songwriter takes on a 80’s pop rock sound in this one.

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  1. Where did the Michael Buble song rate? It’s a current favourite….

    Nice nod to the ladies 🙂

  2. You didn’t suggest it, so it didn’t make it. I thought Michael Buble had a voice, I didn’t realize he had songs too.

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