The Next Edition

I’ve gotten a few requests to put together another iPod friendly compilation. I’ve decided to oblige. I’ve begun working on it. Don’t expect it tonight, probably Monday night or Tuesday. If you remember, the title of the last one was “The Supply and Demand of Parachutes” and the theme was summer songs. I won’t disclose the theme of this next edition but I will disclose that Supply and Demand will continue to be in the title. As mentioned in the last one, I’m looking for help with these too. I think I will start to do these once a week and announce the theme early in case anyone wants to contribute. Look for more about this on Monday or Tuesday when I post the next edition. And if anyone has a good idea for hosting, I’m in the market. I figured if I wanted to turn this into a weekly podcast I would use something like LibSyn, but I’m not sure a dozen or so songs a week justifies that yet. Anyway, if you have a good place to publicly store larger files, let me know…I’m not necessarily looking for something free. Enjoy long weekend for those of you who have tomorrow off, for those of you who don’t, I’m right there with you.

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