Triangulation Trifecta

I had three people link to me today in posts. In return for some bonus traffic from them, I in turn refer you to them.

An old friend, Erik is looking for some help with a childhood memory of animal trading cards. I couldn’t resist an old-school WWF reference. Welcome friends of Sath who are not in turn friends of mine. I have to exploit Erik’s MustacheMarch photo, it looks like it should be hanging in a post office in Clackamas County.
One of my favorite ladies on the planet, KRex across the pond, is busy with her job…and if you knew exactly what she did and who she does it for, you might know why she’s busy these days. In lieu of her busyness, she directed people to my blog to check out the YouTube of Shining. I welcome you from across the pond, from Seattle, and from around the world. K-Rex, if your hawaii pictures hadn’t been lost when I lost my hard drive, you might see yourself bikini clad right here, instead I will steal your papparazzi photo.

My Fort Wayne post caught the attention of Mitch Harper a blogger who spends his blogging time documenting all there is about Fort Wayne, Indiana. As I said to him in a reply to an email, I’ve been to Indianapolis, to South Bend, to Muncie, to Upland, even to Kokomo and Gas City, I’ve crossed his state via the 80 and the 64, but have yet to visit Fort Wayne. Maybe it will get a pushpin for Project: MKinMotion.

Speaking of Project: MKinMotion, feel free to make donations via the paypal button or by purchasing iPods or music from iTunes or Amazon.

Speaking of Google traffic, I feel sorry for the people who’ve stopped by over the past week or so that put “Superman Returns” into Google and found my post about Albert Pujols.

For those of you concerned, I’ve been working steady 8-5 at a job that doesn’t allow me to even check email throughout the day, so my time to post is limited throughout the week, though I will be putting together a New Music Tuesday if I can muster the energy.

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