Fort Wayne, Indiana….Internet Capitol of the World

I know if you’re subscribed with an RSS feed or finding this via a search engine, you’re looking to a link about Fort Wayne. To those of you, I’m sorry. Instead, I’m just going to let you know that about 12% of the traffic to my blog the last few days has been from Fort Wayne. You might ask yourself, does he know someone in Fort Wayne? The answer is no. Did Springsteen play Fort Wayne recently? Not that I’m aware of? Why so popular in Fort Wayne? Well, for all I know not a single person from Ft. Wayne has been to my blog in the last few days, however, I’ve had hits from all over the country that are registering from Ft. Wayne. How do I know they’re not from Fort Wayne other than the fact I don’t know anyone that lives there? Because they have ip addresses like or or or I’d love to think I was that popular anywhere, but I guess I’m spread out as always.

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  1. I’m a Fort Wayne Blogger. If you can pull some actually IP addresses from Statcounter I could help. What you possted was not IP address (example:, the IP address would be numerical, for example:

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