New Music Tuesday: Past Due

The companion CD for the 2005 Austin City Limits festival is available for purchase. As you may remember I went to Austin for this and had a great time. Included on the CD is Jet, Theivery Corporation, Aqualung, The Frames, The Black Crowes, Mike Doughty and others. It was a great time and a great time to relive on CD.
One of my favorite moments of the Austin City Limits festival last September was Keane’s set. They have energy, catchy music and led the crowd of hot, tired, dusty people on a roller coaster of sound. I bought Hopes and Fears a couple Christmas’ ago down here in California because there was a degree of buzz about it and I hadn’t heard that buzz in Alaska. It’s a great album and works for many moods. In addition to being featured on the ACL festival CD, they followed up with Under the Iron Sea out this Tuesday. The first single “Is It Any Wonder?” has a lot of similarities to Achtung/Zooropa era U2, which was a great era for the boys. There are plenty of great moments on Iron Sea and it’s highly recommended for a summer pick.
Also out Tuesday is a live album from Counting Crows. New Amsterdam was recorded in 2003 when they were touring supporting their Greatest Hits album and they deliver some of the greatest hits in this new live CD. If you’ve never seen them live or heard one of their live shows, this could be a great place to start.
There was a blitz of people purchasing music with last week’s offering from Strays Don’t Sleep, I appreciate the support for them as well as the commission that comes my way. I thank you and I offer you this tidbit…Strays Don’t Sleep will be playing Late Night with Conan O’Brien. I love me some Conan and some Strays Don’t Sleep. The night to stay up or to set your Tivo’s or Windows Media Center’s or other DVR options for June 28th. Consult your local NBC affiliate for exact times.

And here are your product links.

2005 Austin City Limits Festival (iTunes)
Keane – Under the Iron Sea (iTunes)
Counting Crows – New Amsterdam (iTunes)
and for good measure:
Strays Don’t Sleep – Strays Don’t Sleep (iTunes)

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  1. i bought the new Keane album a few days ago….
    i double the recommendation.

    i hear lots of things on it.

    some “radioheadtravisdeliriousU2coldplaysmashingpumpkins”-ishness

    …but yet Keane.

  2. love keane. love love love keane. it was in my cd player for a year straight when i first “apprehended” it.
    love it.

    have to wait till friday to get the new one. waiting sucks.

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