Top Ten Thursday: Female Songwriters

I dedicate this post to K-Rex across the pond. I found in my research, that many female songwriters collaborate in their songwriting. I’m not sure the degree to which this collaboration goes, but other than Sarah McLachlan these are all women who write their own songs. Some great stuff. Pictures added by request.

10.Tori AmosFor proof see: “Silent All These Years,” “Cornflake Girl,” “Sleeps With Butterflies”

9. Fiona Apple For proof see: “Criminal,” “O Sailor,” “Slow Like Honey,” and “Fast as You Can”

8. Natalie Merchant For proof see: “Carnival,” “I’m Not the Man” [10,000 Maniacs], “Wonder”

7. Lisa Loeb For proof see: “Stay (I Missed You),” “Falling in Love,” “Truthfully,” and “Do You Sleep?”

6. Lucinda Williams (yes, I’m in the audience somewhere in this photo) For proof see: “Drunken Angel,” “Righteously,” “Passionate Kisses” and “Changed the Locks”

5. Victoria WilliamsFor proof see: “Crazy Mary,” “Opelousas,” “Lights,” “Why Look at the Moon.”

4. Sarah McLachlanFor proof see: “Building a Mystery,” “Fumbling Towards Ecstasy,” “Good Enough,” “World on Fire.” (She is a collaborative songwriter with Pierre Marchand)

3. Carole King
For proof see: “I Feel the Earth Move”, “You Make Me Feel (Like a Natural Woman)”, “Will You Love Me Tomorrow?”, and the James Taylor popularized “You’ve Got A Friend”

2. Aimee MannFor proof see: “Wise Up,” “Goodbye To You,” “Voices Carry,” [‘Til Tuesday] and “Pavlov’s Bell.”

1. Joni MitchellFor proof see: “Big Yellow Taxi,” “Both Sides Now,” “Blue,” and “California.”

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  1. Fiona deserves a bit better! She is underappreciated, but I’m glad you recognized her!

    I’m sure “Pierre” should be added to Carole King’s list.

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