Songwriters: Pt. 2

I got a quite lengthy email this morning from TMF both commending me and chiding me for my list of songwriters. He suggested a few that I left off of the list. What I’ve decided to do is focus some attention on the craft of songwriting by focusing on a few people from time to time. Some of you remember my series of posts on great album covers, this will be in a similar vein. If you have suggestions of songwriters to feature, send an email to me at mkinmotion[at]gmail[dot]com.

According to TMF, left off the list:

Johnny Cash (sorry man, it’s best living songwriters, didn’t you get the news in Valdez?)
Matthew Ryan
Daniel Lanois
Mark Olson
Lucinda Williams
Terry Scott Taylor

I think that phrase I used before “You can’t get much better than _______” keeps resonating with a lot of my music. I’ll put together the first installment of featured songwriter and see how it goes. I’m also intrigued by songwriting teams ala the Johns from TMBG, Olson/Louris in the 90s, Farrar/Tweedy, Sarah McLachlan/Pierre Marchand, etc. I’m gonna see if I can get some real responses from people who are actually on these lists to contribute. It’s an overlooked art and the craft deserves some attention.

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