Before there was the Office (U.S.), there was the Office (UK); Before there was the Office UK, there was Office Space. Believe it or not before Office Space, people said phrases exploited by these movies regularly without doing it in a way to reference a movie or TV show. People actually used to say “Workin’ hard or hardly workin’?” or “Someone’s got a case of the Mondays” or anything Blumberg says without saying it as a joke. The cover sheet on the TPS report, and the guy who claims someone took his stapler, and the paper jamming fax machine, and the few minutes of actual work that one can get away with accomplishing in an 8-10 hour shift are all based on realities. Now if someone says they have to go meet with the Bobs or that they’re gonna have to play catch up most likely they’re referencing the movie. What I’m looking for is a little audience participation…what are the phrases in offices today that are the cliches and comedy bits of tomorrow. I will even start you off with this gem that drives me crazy:

“But at the end of the day, ___________”

So put them in the comments and say you remember when people actually said it in seriousness and not as a joke.

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  1. “You gotta get around your job before it gets around you.”


    Love the movie Office Space though!

  2. I actually got this in an email yesterday from my colleague Jeff. I chided him immediately.

    “We’d like to move the bar on this today, but we’re kind of flying in the dark”

  3. the hillarious thing about it all is, MY BOSSES ARE TWO GUYS NAMED BOB… you can imagine the term “the bobs” is thrown around quite a bit here.

    i dare not blog about work (i like my job and intend on keeping it) but it’s a laugh riot around here, trust me.

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