What Ever Happened To New Music Tuesday?

I got this question in an email from a friend. I answered it in a reply, but I will answer it for all of you, as well.

“There were a few weeks in a row where I couldn’t get excited about any of the new releases, so I held of on promoting something that I wasn’t excited about, call it blogtegrity. Perhaps when a great album comes out, I’ll feature it on a Tuesday post, but until then, I’m out of the rhythm of daily posts and weekly release posts.”

I will say that I’m very excited about the new Keane album and the new Counting Crows live album. Both are supposedly released today, but neither are available at the iTunes music store, so maybe I’ve got bad info. Old 97’s are also releasing a greatest hits album, but I’m still not sure how I feel about greatest hits albums…let alone greatest hits albums from bands who’ve only had a few albums.

Well, that’s all. Has anyone listened to the summer songs file? If so let me know your thoughts. The way I had to post it because of it’s size doesn’t let me know at all whether anyone has even touched it.

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