Top Ten Thursday on Memorial Day

Good Memorial Day to you.

I spent some time watching “Band of Brothers” to commemorate. This inspired me to come up with the top ten WWII movies.

10. Enemy at the Gates
9. Das Boot
8. The Bridge on the River Kwai
7. Thin Red Line
6. Patton
5. Bridge Too Far
4. Sands of Iwo Jima
3. The Longest Day
2. Band of Brothers
1. Saving Private Ryan

Also, here are my top ten WWII related non-soldier films.

10. The English Patient
9. Since You Went Away
8. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade/Raiders of the Lost Ark
7. Hope and Glory
6. Schindler’s List
5. Hanover Street
4. The Best Years of Our Lives
3. The Great Escape
2. Life is Beautiful
1. Empire of the Sun

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  1. When I first started reading the list I was going to say “The Great Escape” but I see, curiously enough, you have it under non-soldier. I would add (though I’m not sure where and what would have to be removed); Midway, Fat Man and Little Boy, We were Soldiers, Gettysburg , K-19, The Dirty Dozen, The Patriot, The Memphis Bell, Black Hawk Down… I will stop now, I tend of go nuts about the genre.

  2. Maybe if this were Spinal Tap, I could go to eleven, but I had to stop at 10 and cheated a bit by having a second top ten for Wartime movies. My list is exclusively WWII movies, so Patriot, Black Hawk Down, Gettysburg We Were Soldiers, etc would be out. Dirty Dozen would definately make the top 20 along with Memphis Belle.

  3. Midnight Clear is my favorite movie about the second World War. Where does it rank?

  4. Midnight Clear is a good one. Definately in the top 20 for me. I think there are some wars that have been left out of the loop for a while. I saw something where Tom Hanks is teaming up with the other guys who made Band of Brothers to make another miniseries about the Pacific Theater. But what about WWI?

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