Album of the Week

A lot of posts in rapid succession, so I hope you’re taking the time to read further and further down.
This week’s album of the week comes from Moscow, Idaho’s own Josh Ritter. Lots of Josh’s have made some great records over the last few years, Rouse, Kelley, Radin and Ritter come to mind.

Josh Ritter’s musical career has flown under the radar a bit. His talent can’t be hidden once he is exposed. The Animal Years is a great place to start your love of Josh Ritter’s music. It’s got a little bit of everything. Sweet sweet sounds and some upbeat songs that could fit in with Paul Simon’s Graceland. His influences are Springsteen, Dylan and the greats. I’m posting a song from The Animal Years below as well as links to a two part interview with Josh done by Paste Magazine. Subscribe to Paste Magazine or their podcast. Also you can buy plenty of Josh Ritter’s music on iTunes, Amazon, and Paste Music. My pre-Animal Years favorites are Kathleen, California, You Don’t Make it Easy Babe, and Wings. Enjoy.

Josh Ritter’s Girl in the War

Paste Magazine interview Part 1, Part 2

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