New Music Tuesday: May 16

Tim Easton released Ammunition today. Easton is a singer songwriter that I’ve admired for about a year now. He’s on lots of lists of great modern songwriters…including my list. Ammunition is available on iTunes and Amazon.

The Raconteurs are a “supergroup” composed most famously of Jack White of the White Stripes. Brendan Benson also contributes songwriting duties, and Jack Lawrence and Patrick Keeler from the Greenhornes fill out the line up. The record has been buzzed about for months with lots of tracks leaked. I like the sound, I like the album. Plenty of guitar rock. Broken Boy Soldiers is available on iTunes and Amazon.

T Bone Burnett, mentioned in my Bono tangent, has released both the Greatest Hits record and his new album The True False Identity. I’ve heard enough of both of these albums to highly recommend them to you. And speaking of Bono, have you caught his World Cup commercials? Both The True False Identity and Twenty Twenty are available on iTunes and Amazon.
Twenty Twenty – The Essential T Bone Burnett [iTunes] [Amazon]
The True False Identity [iTunes] [Amazon]

Mason Jennings released Boneclouds today. Some of you may be interested in Mason Jennings because of his connection to Jack Johnson. Although, there are some similarities in the friends’ music, Mason Jennings has a sound of his own. Boneclouds is a brilliant set of songs. I highly recommend checking it out. You can probably say this by heart now, but Boneclouds is available on iTunes and Amazon.

Other new releases: the legendary Charlie Musselwhite released Delta Hardware.

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