Interesting Presidential Trivia Questions

With The West Wing coming to an end on Sunday, and me forgetting to mention it in my TV post, I give you these questions.

Answer as many as you can, the winner wins pride over other readers. The first person to complete the most correct questions will be declared the winner and the answers will be given Friday.

(Submit your answers via email)

1. What was Eleanor Roosevelt’s maiden name?

2. How many Vice Presidents went on to be elected President?

3. How many Vice Presidents are alive today?

4. How many Presidents served two terms and kept the same Vice President the entire time?

5. What is the highest number of living Presidents at one time?

6. Who has had the longest post-Presidential period?

7. How many Presidents never held an elected office prior to becoming President?

8. How many Presidents were never elected President or Vice President?

9. How many Presidents were elected while bachelors? How many remained bachelors while in office?

10. How many Presidents were elected to a different public office after their term as President was complete?

Opinion Question: If it were up to you, who would be the 5th Presidential face on Mt. Rushmore? And why.

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