Top Ten Thursday: Rolling Stone Covers

Rolling Stone Magazine is about to release their 1000th issue, so in honor of that and to kick off the new Thursday feature, here’s the Top Ten Rolling Stone covers…of my life time…

10. December 1975, Jack Nicholson (Pre Laker Fan days)

9. June, 1981 Harrison Ford (Indiana Jones on top of the world)

8. March 1984, The Police (They probably weren’t enjoying themselves at this photo shoot)

7. January 2002, George Harrison (tribute to the silent Beatle after his death)

6. June 1994, Counting Crows (This made my year as I was already a huge Crows fan)

5. July 1980, Billy Dee Williams, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford (Dude, she’s your sister)

4. April 1992, Nirvana (Two years before Cobain takes his life…love the T-Shirt “Corporate Magazines Still Suck”)

3. December 1984, Bruce Springsteen (The Born in the USA era)

2. March 1989, Bono (a great era for Bono dubbed voice of the year, some 17 years later he’d be named Man of the Year by TIME)

1. May 1987, U2 (Yes I’m biased, but I did say my Top Ten, didn’t I?)

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