I’m looking for partners, collaborators, corroborators, carburetors…ok, you get the point.

I’ve been talking about it for a few months, but now is the time I will be putting together a podcast. I have some ideas of where to go with it, but I’m looking for some help. I’m looking for a co-host or a rotating co-host pool.


Does this require some sort of commute to Dublin?


What do you need in order to be a co-host?

1. A microphone.
2. Headphones.
3. A Skype connection.
4. A computer (but how else are you reading this?) with an internet connection.
5. An open mind.
6. A little bit of free time.

If you’re interested in jumping on board, send me an email (mkinmotion[at]gmail[dot]com).

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