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I stumbled upon Band of Horses listening to KEXP online. I thought the Thrills had snuck out an album without me knowing about it. Band of Horses are from Seattle, so you NWers might feel an instant connection to them. Their album Everything All The Time is a great mix of sounds. There are lots of similarities to their NW brethren Death Cab For Cutie, but without the attention Death Cab has received…and let’s face it that’s the only knock you can put on Death Cab. Songs like “Wicked Gil,” “Part One,” “Great Salt Lake” and my favorite “The First Song” (track 1 for those of you keeping score at home). The album is well done and well worth the gamble. I’ve attached “Part One” and “Great Salt Lake” as performed on KEXP. You’ll think you’re listening to My Morning Jacket for about 15 seconds. As always, I’ve linked to Amazon and other recommendations based on this album.

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