A Little Help From the Audience

Something I’ve seen about some other blogs that I like and am in the process of adopting is daily features. I’m sure you’ve noticed the New Music Tuesday pattern. Also included is the Album of the Week. Monday is “Tip, Trick and Tool” the New Music Tuesday is obviously Tuesday’s feature, Album of the Week is Sunday. I’m looking to fill in the rest of the days, but I’m looking for a little more direction. I’ve had a few suggestions come in via email for more downloadable music. Others have suggested a Thursday column about the previous night’s Lost episode. I’ve gotten a few requests to bring back the album cover thread. I’ll still have my day to day posts, but this would add some additional discussion and probably interest as well. So here are some of the suggestions, I’m asking for more. Sports discussion has been moved over to One, Two, Three Strikes, and there has been positive feedback about that (both from the non-sports people and the sportos). There’s some great topics lately over on The BLB Nation, too (not to mention the subsequent traffic increase).

Monday Q & A
Thursday Lost Recap (which I don’t have a problem with other than the summer is coming and the episodes will end…who needs a summer of discussing the crazy cliff hanger at the end of the season the producers promise?)
Album Cover of the Week
Discovery Music Download (Don’t sue me, Apple)
Weekly update on the project

So leave a comment, or better yet, email [mkinmotion(at)gmail(dot)com] your suggestions…you’re reading this now, so you have at least some interest.

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  1. I just added my pick for the worst song ever on BLB Nation. Am I allowed to do that?

    I like the idea of a Lost recap…esp since it hasn’t started the second season yet in the UK. Maybe something a bit more light hearted? You Tube clip of the week or something along those lines?

  2. of course you’re allowed. I don’t want to spoil it for you, but the 2nd season absolutely rawks. I get at least 2 YouTube clips emailed to me every day, so maybe I could do the best of the emailed clips. Faith the wonder dog is my favorite.

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