April 23 – A Day of Firsts

(Henry Louis “Hank” Aaron, 1954)

On April 23, 1954, Hank Aaron hit his first of 755 career home runs. Hank was 20 when he hit his first, 40 when he passed Ruth with #715, and 42 when he hit #755 in 1976.

On April 23, 1956, Elvis Presley performed in Las Vegas for the first time. No not the Vegas or the Elvis you think of immediately…

(A young Elvis Presley in 1956)

Also notable on today’s date:

New Coke debuted in 1985.

Shirley Temple born in 1928.

Roy Orbison born in 1936.

Lee Majors (who I think of more as “The Fall Guy” than the bionic man) born in 1939.

Howard Cosell passed away in 1995.

James Earl Ray (the man who confessed to assasinating MLK) died in 1998.

Not to go unnoticed, Happy Beer Day (gluckstag bier) Germany!

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