New Music Tuesday: Spring Edition

Tuesdays are great days for music. This week particularly. Here’s a look at the new music coming out this week.

Dirty Southern Rock hasn’t been the same since Drive-By Truckers hit the scene. A Blessing And A Curse could be a great introduction if you haven’t heard these guys. I recommend also picking up Decoration Day or Southern Rock Opera.

For a little preview here’s Gravity’s Gone

Also making a strong showing today is Mat Kearney’s Nothing Left To Lose. The title track has made it onto a few compilations and playlists. I don’t know much about Mat, but I do know that he should remind you a bit of Coldplay.

Susanna Hoffs. Seriously, who didn’t have a crush on Susanna growing up? Well she and Matthew Sweet released an album of covers called Under the Covers, Vol. 1. I like covers and I like cover albums…I live album covers too. Matthew and Susanna cover classics from The Beatles, The Zombies and The Who. Very well done.

Tonight as most of you remember, I’m off to see Josh Rouse and Strays Don’t Sleep. Of course, I’m more excited to see Strays Don’t Sleep, especially Matthew Ryan, I’m very impressed with Josh Rouse’s new album Subtitulo.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up on the new Matthew Sweet/Suzanna Hoffs album! I love them both, so this should be cool. PS – we have the same template. Weeeeiiirrrrdddd.

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