A Show of Hands

Seriously, who buys “authentic” Survivor buffs? I’ll admit I’ve been watching this season. The last one I watched was season 4 (Marquesas). But never have I been drawn to the show enough to buy one of the buffs they advertise every week, but they do advertise them every week so I’m thinking America has made a market for them. So raise your hand if you’ve ever bought one.

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  1. Though I’ve never bought one, one of my really good friends is a huge Survivor fan and has buffs from every season and every other sort of imaginable Survivor-related paraphernalia

  2. There’s a Swedish version called “Expedition Robinson”, and it’s painfully awful.
    I wouldn’t buy anything to do with any “Reality TV” show anywhere.

  3. I’ve never bought one, but I definitely saw a kid with one once. He must have been about 12.

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