Strays Don’t Sleep and Responses

Strays Don’t Sleep is a musical collaboration of friends. As I’ve mentioned on here before, I’m a huge fan of Matthew Ryan and he happens to be one of the collaborators in Strays. I’m excited that they will be in San Francisco at the Great American Music Hall (GAHM for locals). Even more excited that I will be there. If you’re in the SF bay area, I highly recommend you check them out. Mind you, they’re opening for Josh Rouse who has made it into my playlists over the past year, so if you’re into Josh Rouse, you should definately check this out. Strays have some tracks on iTunes that I highly recommend. And for my UK readers/friends, this tour will be headed to the UK in May. Details can be found at the websites linked above.

I’ve gotten a lot of positive responses and some questions from my last post about the project. I encourage you to ask whatever catches your curiosity. I already have a few places to add to the trip that were suggested by readers.

Q: What do I get for sponsoring a mile? Can I sponsor a specific mile?

A: Well, hopefully you sponsor more than one mile, but aside from that. If you wish, you will receive a mention of yourself, your internet moniker, your blog, your product, whatever you wish. If you would like a particular mile, we can try to work that out.

Q: How much of your budget is covered by donations or sponsors?

A: I’d honestly like to cover as much of the cost by people getting involved in one way or another. That may seem selfish, and maybe it is, but I think I can pull through on providing a daily escape from wherever you are to wherever I am.

Q: Souvenirs?

A: I thought about that. And I’m up for it. As I get closer to leaving, I’ll start to list stopovers along the way. If you want a souvenir from one of them, drop an appropriate amount of money onto PayPal including shipping cost (usually 3-5 bucks for shipping). T-shirts, hats, postcards (shipping definately much cheaper), and other trinkets. I have one friend who has already asked for a few shot glasses.

Q: What do you mean “if I can agree with ‘the cause'”?

A: There are products I use and there are products I don’t. If I don’t agree with a product or a company, (depending on the offer, this is America, right?) I could turn down their money. Another example would be something like diapers. Not anything I use (I promise) or could use, so unless the deal would be sweet, I won’t promote diapers. Maybe someone will sponsor me in exchange to pimp using cloth non-disposible diapers…now that’s a cause I could attach myself to. Kind of like Bob Barker and the spay and neuter your pets tag.

Q: Do roller coasters count as roadside attractions?

A: Of course, as do Major and Minor League Baseball.

Thanks for the questions, and thanks for the donations. I appreciate it all. Also feel free to submit your tracks for the ultimate MKinMotion playlist.

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