Superman Returns…

…to earth.

After going 2 for 2 with both hits being home runs to start the season, Albert Pujols has returned to earth. His average after 4 games is .357 (which is what we can expect the whole year). Something to remember as I keep you updated on Albert all season; the guy is only 26.

So here’s his line:

Avg: .357
HR: 3
RBI: 6
SB: 1

His career numbers are unbelievable. He’s on pace to easily put his name in the same sentence as DiMaggio, Mantle, Musial, and others.

Career: 5 seasons
Avg.: .333
HR: 204
RBI: 627

Funny, ESPN has his totals for the season and then projections based on them…according to their projection Pujols will have 122 home runs, 243 RBI, and 41 stolen bases. That would definately break the season total without any asterisks. Speaking of single season HR record, Roger Maris was only 26 when he hit 61 in 1961, which made me think of what other guys did at 26. Babe Ruth hit 59 in 1921; ARod hit 57 in 2002; Ralph Kiner hit 54 in 1949; Cecil Fielder had his MVP year and hit 51 in 1990; Griffey hit 49 in 1996; Harmon Killebrew hit 48 in 1962. Bonds only hit 33 when he was 26 in 1990 (but won the MVP [man those sportswriters sure hate him, giving him the MVP 7 times]), but we all know the rest of that story. Mickey Mantle had 42 home runs while batting .304 in 1958 when he was 26, but came in 5th in the MVP race to Jackie Jensen who had 35 HR and batted .286. Mantle a Yankee and Jensen on the Red Sox…rivalry, gotta love it. So 26 can be a magical age for a baseball player and although 122 home runs is a bit of a stretch, Pujols can definately make it a memorable year.

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  1. The 120-40 club would be rather exclusive company indeed.

    The guy’s a monster, no doubt about that. And if he was head and shoulders above everyone else during the steroid years, I can’t even fathom what’s he’s capable of this year.

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