Called Out

I received an email today from someone who will remain nameless. They called me out. The main point of their email was that it has been a while since I’ve posted anything and that I keep saying “more on that later” or mentioning that I will post something that I don’t. Specifically a few weeks ago I mentioned that I would post another edition of MKinMotion Q & A and I didn’t. Looking back, it looks like I even said that I would do it that night and the RSS feed stayed silent. I apologize to those of you who expected something…who am I kidding, I apologize to the person that noticed and called me out for it…but I already did in a reply to their email, so I’ll just move on.

Q & A with MKinMotion

Q: How’s the “next great american novel” coming along?
A: I have been writing, but nothing seems to be going anywhere. If someone could make a living writing short stories, I’d be golden. So, I’m trying to take a short story and instead of it being just a glance into someone’s life, to expand it. One of my writing professors once said to always cut by 1/3 but to know 3 times as much as you write. I could expand on that more, but I think I’ve already lost most of my visitors.

Q: What are you watching on TV these days?
A: As most of you know I’m a huge fan of TV. I’ve of course been watching Lost…this year I was encouraged to watch 24 (even though I haven’t watched previous seasons) and I’m totally engaged with Jack Bauer now. I’ve been watching West Wing as it closes out the series. I’ve got mixed feelings about the end of the show, but I’ll spare you. I’ve never watched The Amazing Race, but it hooked me one night. I enjoy The Unit. Which, the Unit and Amazing Race are on tonight on CBS…though, I don’t work for CBS or any advertisers…or anyone.

There are more questions to answer, but I fear I’ve already bored most of you stiff.

Send your questions to mkinmotion(at)gmail(dot)com.

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  1. 24 is hot hot hotty!

    And I just got done with a writing class. The prof was all about cuting out the crap. It was great fun. And man do we tend to write a ton of fluff!


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