The Next Larry Or The Next Luke?

Adam Morrison, 6’8″ G/F played his last game as a college player tonight. And it was a tough one. Quite amazing actually if you have UCLA in your Final Four. Morrison led the NCAA in scoring and has been compared to Larry Bird (obvious skin pigment and peach fuzz mustache not withstanding). The guy can shoot, handle and pass. But does the comparison really stick?

Luke Jackson, 6’7″ G/F of the Cleveland Cavaliers occasionally makes the highlight reel by being on the same floor as LeBron James. At the University of Oregon, he was a superstar. He led the Ducks in scoring and rebounding and was constantly making the Sportscenter reel with his dunks and shots. Thought of so highly, he was taken number 10 overall in the 2004 NBA draft. Going from 21.2 points and 7.2 rebounds a game, to his career average in the pros of 2.7 points and 1 rebound a game. Bird, while at Indiana State, racked up TSN’s Player of the Year, the Naismith Award, the Wooden Award, and with only 3 years of college play ended his career 5th in all time scoring. This doesn’t even cover his pro career where he won the Rookie of the Year, the MVP 3 years in a row, and won 3 championships. You tell me, is Adam Morrison really the next Larry Bird or his he the next Luke Jackson?

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  1. adam morrison is definately not larry bird but he should do alright in the nba. to the credit of jackson, i think he needs to be traded. he’s definatly not a fit for cleveland and at shooting guard is more of a backup for lebron rather then a team mate, which means little or no playing time. staying healthy would also be a plus.

  2. he will be okay but he lacks speed, doesnt defend well, and cant handle the trash talking that will be aimed his way due to the facial hair aka disaster on his face.

  3. Well it’s one thing to cry after losing a game. It’s one thing to cry while losing a game and your coach concedes the game by pulling you out. But it’s never acceptable to cry when there is time on the clock and you are on the court. Toughness is not Adam’s.

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