Episode Seven

In 1989, as I’ve discussed previously, the music industry was evolving. I know some of you will find this hard to imagine, but there was a time before CD’s. In fact CD’s didn’t catch on as the primary music media until the early 90’s. However in 1989, The Cure created and produced Disintegration specifically for CD. They broke some rules in the process. The length of the album was longer than average (over 71 minutes). Many of the songs were over six minutes long, making it hard for commercial radio stations to fit them in. Similarly to Depeche Mode, the public’s conception of The Cure is a depressing goth rock band. On Disintegration, they brilliantly mix the dark, sad, and brooding with the hopeful, uplifting and energetic. They accomplish this not only through the songs, but in the album cover as well. Truly one of the greats with songs like “Fascination Street,” “Lovesong,” and “Pictures of You.”

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