I’ve had several responses to the album cover feature. Thank you to those who have sent them in, I will slowly work my way through them. I also receive lots of emails with questions from people who are apparently too afraid to post comments. You know who you are…
So in an effort to connect more with the lurkers of MKinMotion, I will answer a few of the questions.

Question One: What’s next for MKinMotion?

MKinMotion: Well, it’s a blog. There’s not much to it. I’d like to take it on the road and go in motion, so I’m exploring some ideas about that. I’d like to continue to build a loyal following of people. If they keep coming, I’ll keep posting.

Question Two: What is your blog for? What is your point?

MKinMotion: Good questions. I’d like to think that I shed a different perspective on things. Sometimes normal things that need a fresh perspective, sometimes random things that I think are interesting. It’s kind of weird, but I picture someone reading every word I type. Seriously a mental image of people reading…so I try to make something worth reading. I want to write and this is good exercise.

Question Three: What is your inspiration? Is someone your muse?

MKinMotion: Like I said I picture people reading, is that muse enough? But really, I’ve always liked to write. It never made much sense until my sophomore year of high school when I wrote a vignette and people actually liked it. I know my sophomore english teacher was one of the most disliked teachers at the school, she was hard on her students, but looking back she seemed to believe that we were all just doing the least that it took to get by. She encouraged excellence and I’ve never forgotten. I have no idea what ever happened to her, but I had sophomores come up to me every year (“That’s what I love about these high school girls, man. I get older, they stay the same age.”) telling me that my vignette was shared in class. I think it meant more to her that I would take a lesson seriously than it meant to me to have her love it. But I digress. I have lots of muses, but most of them are just memories now.

Music For The Day:
“Jolene” – Ray LaMontagne
“Boston” – Augustana
“Girl in the War” – Josh Ritter
“Like A Rolling Stone” – Drive-By Truckers
“Houses on the Hill” – Whiskeytown
“Young Hearts” – Commuter

Thanks for reading. Feel free to comment or email me at MKinMotion(at)gmail(dot)com and have your questions answered.

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  1. post the Vignette dude…

    We wanna see it…see this wonderful impression you left on Hillsboro High School.


  2. I don’t have a copy of it. I barely remember what it was about. Something about TAG (Talented and Gifted) and not being picked for it in 5th grade.

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