Interesting you said that…

It’s interesting that the Chindo mentioned having a few of his own. I meant to include an invitation in my Pilot Episode post about submitting your own favorite album covers. Please do. You can email me at MKinMotion(at)Gmail(dot)com with what album and why you love it. I’ll do some research on it and put together a post with your name (err…pseudonym) with it. It will be fun. And yes, I do see a D.I.D. stream coming along anytime now. It’s been a while since I’ve explored that topic.

I’ve become an addict. No not to myspace, although I am a little intrigued by it. I’m addicted to podcasts. Much like my fits of talk radio, I can listen to a podcast about anything. There is so much going on out in the world that you just don’t see unless you either stumble upon it or you dig deep enough. I think the number one misconception about podcasts is that you need an iPod. Simply untrue. All you need is something to interact with the podcast and something to play the podcast. For me I use iTunes, because it does both…and makes it easy. Try it. I’ll post some recommendations at some point.

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