apparent lack of purpose, cause, or order

The title is the definition of the word random. Soon you will figure out why I’ve chosen the title.

I went to San Francisco today and on the way back on BART, I saw a guy wearing an Art Shell jersey…I don’t own any jerseys, but if someone held a gun to my head and forced me to, here’s the list.

If I were forced to wear a throwback jersey, I would have a hard time deciding between:

John Elway (#7) (in the “Orange Crush” of my childhood)

Neil Lomax (#15) (Portland guy, always been underrated, but one of my favorites)

Will Clark (#22) (Amazing baseball player)

Mike Greenwell (#39) (Greenwell played his entire career for the Red Sox, and came in second in the MVP voting to Jose Canseco in 1988)

George Brett (#5) (Hard working player who said that in his final at bat, he’d like to ground out to short, but run as hard as he can to first base [incidentally, he doubled in his final at bat])

Stan Musial (#6) (Great Cardinal hitter)

Drazen Petrovic (#44) (In a Portland jersey, of course)

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (#33) (In 4th grade I did my biography report on Kareem. My teacher asked when I was done how tall Kareem is. I answered 7 feet 2 inches, but then I added that he might be a little taller now. My 4th grade mind assumed that since I’d grown over the last few years, Kareem must’ve too.)

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