Are You Serious?

I could have titled this post “Say it ain’t so, Joe.”

Two members of NFL history were visibly absent from yesterday’s superbowl festivities.

As the rest of the Superbowl MVP’s made their walk down the aisle, you couldn’t help but think of Superbowl XIII, XIV, XVI, XIX, XXIV.

Jake Scott, the safety and MVP of Superbowl VII was in Australia on vacation. But Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana weren’t there. They both say that they had prior commitments with their families, but that’s not what the NFL says. Both retired players have appearance fees. The other 31 MVPs made the appearance for $1000 in spending money on top of their flight, hotel, rental car, superbowl ticket and banquets of food. Montana reportedly demanded a $100,000 appearance fee. $100,000!!! As if being a part of history, representing one of the greatest teams in NFL history, getting your picture taken with the greatest QB ever (John Elway) wasn’t enough. I wonder if Notre Dame had to pay that to get him to stand on the sidelines when they got beat by USC. Terry Bradshaw has denied the report that he argued over money, but something kept him away. Lynn Swann made it. Bart Starr made it. Doug Williams made it. Terry, your team was playing for the Superbowl and you weren’t there. Was it to keep the bald quarterback karma under control for the Steelers?

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  1. The thing that’s the MOST stupid about that is he can only command that appearance fee because of the NFL in the first place.

    It’s like biting the hand that feeds you.

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