Destined for Cancellation

Love Monkey. The pilot was on last night. If you’ve watched CBS at all for the last couple of weeks, you know what Love Monkey is all about. It’s a Dramedy starring Tom Cavanaugh. You might remember him as “Ed” or as “Dan Dorian” on Scrubs. He teams up with a nice ensemble cast to play a music business guy who loves music. Much like his character on “Ed”, he’s a little idealistic. I watched it and I liked it. The reason I use the title of “Destined for Cancellation” is because shows that I tend to like tend to not make it. I mention “Ed”, perhaps one of the best shows on TV a few years back. “Sports Night” an Aaron Sorkin creation about a Sportscenter type show. “West Wing”, yes it’s still on TV, but every year people talk about it being horrible, though I still love it. Another great show was “Northern Exposure.”
Riche and I had a sort of game that started with him pointing out actors on other shows or movies that were in “Band of Brothers” by saying “Band of Brothers.” I would say “West Wing” if I saw a minor cast member or guest star in another show. Perhaps one of the best was while watching “Catch Me If You Can” and saying that Martin Sheen was in “West Wing.” We’re both TV and movie geeks, so it doesn’t take much…
With Love Monkey, we know that Tom Cavanaugh (also a producer of the show) isn’t doing to bad after Ed, here’s a look at a few other members of the “Ed” cast.

+ “Carol Vessey” aka Julie Bowen. She’s recently popped up as Jack’s ex-wife on “Lost”
+ “Mike Burton” aka Josh Randall. He’s been all over the place lately. He played Nathan on “Lost” who was mistaken for one of “the Others.” He played until recently Eliot’s boyfriend on “Scrubs” and now is in the sneaks for Jenna Elfman’s new show.
+ “Warren Cheswick” aka Justin Long. He was in Dodgeball and deleted out of Anchorman.
+ “Diane Snyder” aka Ginnifer Goodwin played Vivian Cash in Walk the Line.
+ “Stella Vessey” aka Nicki Aycox. She played a pretty minor character in Ed, but very memorable. She’s been on Cold Case lately.

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  1. I stumbled upon it and liked it very much.

    But, I, too, suspect that any TV show that I genuinely like will be cancelled earlier than it should. If it can make it through a dozen episodes, maybe they’ll release it on DVD.

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