The Wood

A special welcome to the ‘wood. A quick story which might give some perspective to his harsh criticism. We used to work together, he left much sooner than I did. There was a time (I know a lot of you find this hard to believe) when work wasn’t the most enjoyable situation for either of us. One day we came up with the idea that work would be more interesting if we had an arch rival at work. Because we got a long well enough, it made for an enjoyable rivalry. Lots of pranks, practical jokes and fraternity hijinx ensued. Some of our common arguments consisted of Van Halen with DLR or Hagar being better, so musical criticism comes natural. John
Denver is cheesey, we should all know that…but it’s a cheesy like Air Supply or Journey or Lionel Richie…just good enough that you catch yourself singing out loud in a car at the top of your lungs. Anyway, I’ve arrived in P-land, enjoying a great latte at one of my old haunts. It’s sunny but quite cold.

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  1. MDK,

    John Denver is like watching a dog trick show at the state fair…

    I saw your Jetta in the expansive parking lot at work today when AJ dropped me off and I was so happy. Then reality hit so I ate some green Starburst and got on with the day.

    Enjoy the concert and say hello to Bono for me.

    Coach’s Daughter

  2. A friendly reminder for ya:


    The Wood

    p.s. Sammy Haggar called. He said you’re wrong.

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